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We use our expertise in the New Economy and our relationships with the managers of leading companies and institutional investors to provide a wide variety of services to public and private companies. More importantly, our network of investment banks supplements us with all the resources that our client companies may need. This infrastructure is optimized so that any transaction or service for client companies is efficiently and rapidly executed.

FINANCINGS: One of our primary businesses is to raise capital for companies that have potential for generating competitive returns. Depending on the case, we can raise capital through

STRATEGIC ADVISORY AND EXECUTION: For companies that could significantly improve their overall performance as a result of strategic and/or structural changes or that need assistance in getting to the next development level, we conduct growth strategy studies to determine and execute those changes. These strategic/structural changes may include new strategic alliances/partnerships, technology changes, new products/services, licensings, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, marketing, private/public offerings, patents, etc. Co-marketing and revenue sharing arrangements, in particular, are unique strategies that allow Internet companies to grow rapidly without significant capital requirements. We identify and only consider those companies that given some changes could achieve the competitive growth rates and outlook that our institutional clients demand. Upon assisting these companies execute such changes we maintain long term relationships with them to ensure that their development progresses in line with the high expectations of our institutional clients.

ANALYST COVERAGE AND INVESTMENT COMMUNITY EXPOSURE: We provide important after-market support to companies with potential for producing competitive returns and that currently receive inadequate support from their market makers, original investment bankers and research analysts. For attractive New Economy companies, we provide crucial analyst coverage to aggressively increase their exposure to the investment community. This then usually leads to fairer valuations for their stocks from the use of our research reports by our institutional clients, by the clients of the investment banks of our network and by the investment community in general (i.e. Bloomberg, Dow Jones, IBES, First Call, Nelson's and Zacks). We directly supplement the dissemination of corporate information with road shows in the funds and investment banks that we work with.

EXCHANGE LISTING AND MARKET-MAKING: We work in conjunction with the investment banks of our network in counseling and sponsoring our client companies' listings on NASDAQ or other exchanges. This involves devising strategies for the successful listings of client companies and then having some of the investment banks of our network become their market makers. Our network serves as market maker for hundreds of public securities and is in regular communication with the national exchanges and NASDAQ on listing and market making issues.

MERGERS, ACQUISITIONS AND DIVESTITURES: Based on our expertise in the New Economy and our relationships with the managers of various leading companies, we might find that a company's best growth strategy involves divesting parts of its business and/or merging with or acquiring another company. In sales assignments, we assist in establishing a fair value for the business and in the preparation of a sales document. We also research and identify suitable purchasers and strategic partners, and assist in the structure of transactions, negotiations, document review, and coordination with client's attorneys and accountants through closing. In acquisition assignments, we assist in developing suitable candidates, review and analyze the target companies' financial information, assist in the negotiation of purchase terms, and oversee the transaction through closing.

PATENTS: We are a one stop shop for innovative New Economy companies that have significant chances to be granted patents. For companies that originate new ways of doing business using the Internet and/or new technologies, patents create competitive advantages and barriers to entry for their competitors. We work with intellectual property law firms that have many years of experience in successfully filing and defending patents for fortune 500 and Internet companies.

VALUATIONS AND FAIRNESS OPINIONS: Our experience in analyzing New Economy companies and our empirically proven proprietary valuation methods makes us a reliable authority in valuations and fairness opinions. These factors increase the efficiency of transactions while satisfying the fiduciary responsibilities of the parties involved.

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